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How Does Smoke Damage Affect Your Home – Is it Unsafe to Stay?

When your home has experienced a fire, you know you’re in need of fire damage repair services. But the other thing you should respect as seriously as fire damage is smoke damage. Smoke is very invasive and can get into everything in your house, including between your walls, furnishings and any space in your home. The soot can cause damage to your personal belongings and the remaining odors are obnoxious. From the fire damage repairs we’ve done over the years, Paul Davis understands how frustrating smoke damage can be, but we also know how hazardous it can be too. Damages from smoke need to be removed of correctly, because it is unsafe to linger in an area where a fire has been.

You may not think about it, but the lingering smoke can be injurious to everyone in the house and cause health complications. If your house experiences a fire, it is unsafe to stay in your house, and it’s crucial to get an expert to come to your house for remediation. Our fire damage restoration services will ensure the smoke and soot in your residence is removed and that your house is in a safe, livable condition again.

What Smoke Damage Can Do to Your Well-Being

Tar and carbon are some of the things generated from smoke, and if these are breathed in over a period of time, they can cause damage to your lungs. Carbon monoxide is a significant issue to consider as well. It’s an extremely dangerous gas that displaces oxygen in the blood when breathed in, which takes oxygen away from the brain, heart and other organs. After your home has undergone a fire, an expert can come by and analyze the carbon monoxide levels in your house.

Carbon monoxide, tar and other particles that are made from smoke contamination can cause some alarming health issues, these include:

  • Respiratory Issues – The capability to breathe can really be diminished from smoke contamination. Even if the area is completely clear from smoke, the effects will still remain in your furniture, carpet, walls and any other open area that smoke can get into. If you come into contact with a smoke polluted area, you’re in danger of inhaling particles that were leftover. This can generate lung and sinus issues which could lead to serious health problems later on.
  • Skin Damage – The residue that is stuck in your carpets, furniture and clothing can cause minor, or even major, skin irritation that can’t be alleviated from lotion. That’s why it’s important to purge your personal belongings from smoke contamination.
  • Eye Irritation – Smoke contamination can hang around, even if you can’t see it, and this can irritate the eyes causing them to be red, itchy and watery. When the issue is ignored for a period of time, this can lead to more concerns and harm to your eyes.

Eliminate Smoke Contamination – Paul Davis Is Here to Help

Getting fire damage restoration and smoke contamination removal isn’t only good for your property, but also your well-being. If you’ve experienced a fire in your residence, you can trust the fire damage repair experts at Paul Davis. Contact us at 888-473-7669 and a local franchise will be on their way to assist.