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Water Damage at Home

Issues such as mildew can spawn from even minor leaks in your water line. Water damage can hit your home at any time. When it does, contact the restoration professionals at Paul Davis. Surfaces around your home are prone to mildew and mold when water damage has been left untreated. After reaching out to professionals to help, follow our steps to ensure a happy recovery for your home. Water damage at home is the perfect environment for mold to spread. Whatever the cause, taking action quickly to prevent water damage is important to prevent further problems.

Before the Pros Arrive

Before a Paul Davis service master arrives, there are several things you can do to help make the process faster. From the floors, walls, ceiling, and your favorite things, it’s crucial to take action quickly to avoid water damage in your home.

The first step to take is to evaluate the any hazards in your home. It’s common knowledge that water and electricity are a dangerous mixture, so inspect the area for electrical hazards around your home before you start cleaning. Even if they appear harmless, steer clear of objects like televisions, microwaves or other household appliances. Even when turned off, bare wiring or wet electronics can pose a hazard. To ensure total safety, shut down all breakers and circuits in your home to prevent electrocution.

Saving your Possessions and your Home

Water can leak into everything. Move all your small items to avoid increased water damage. Level, sturdy surfaces are best for airing out books, magazines and other paper materials. This also includes little tabletop items, such as lamps and knickknacks. You can begin cleaning when you’ve moved books, small items and other damp materials.

Circulate air around your home using air conditioning to dry. Dry water from wood furniture and smaller surfaces. Though you may want to try, do not use a standard home vacuum cleaner to clean water. This can damage the appliance and endanger you if improperly used. When you’re ready to move furniture, prop up seating like sofas and heavy chairs onto wooden and cement blocks to elevate them above the floor.

Fabrics and carpet are typically heavy when exposed to water. The extra weight makes rugs, leather goods and fur difficult to dry. So if you must remove a rug, proceed carefully. Hang draperies, clothing and other fabrics away from the affected area to dry correctly. Remember that water damage can affect such items permanently, so you may not be able to salvage them.

The same water weight that affects rugs and carpets can damage your home’s foundation. Because of this, stay away from sinking ceilings or bent floors. These areas have likely absorbed the most water and could collapse under weight.

Why Call Paul?

Experts from Paul Davis know water damage With a little professionals arrive speeds up the restoration process. We will restore your house back to normal safely and quickly. Our professionals have restored a range of flood conditions in different types of home and commercial properties around Columbus. Furthermore, Paul Davis negotiates with your insurance company to settle your claims promptly, so you can return to normal.